three black studs while Jenny’s

Jenny Girl
by Stam (address withheld)

Jenny and her mom take on three black studs while
Jenny’s cuckolded dad watches the action. (M+/Ff-teen,
ped, bi, inc, voy, cuck)

My hot breath was panting. My tongue was vibrating and
humming as it licked along the hot, steely length of
Bob’s cock! Bob’s big hands were tangled in my silky
hair as he guided the progress of my head, stopping me
here and there so I could lay on some hot, sucking
kisses in especially sensitive spots. My little hands
were cuddling his big nuts, keeping them warm and safe.
Gently massaging the cum-eggs. My hot lips reached the
prick-knob! It was so happy to feel my warm lips; it
drooled out a clear, juicy taste-treat for me! I sucked
it up!

It took me a long fucking time to kiss from Big Bob’s
nuts to his knob because Bob had by far the biggest
tool that it had ever been my pleasure to lay my lips
on. (And, because I lingered over every nut-tingling
kiss wanting to make sure every lip-smack on his prick
gave Bob the utmost pleasure!) I don’t mind telling
you, baby, many pricks had felt the magic of my mouth
but Bob’s meat was the mother lode of cock! It was long
and hard and warm and pulsing and veiny and jet, jet

Bob grunted his pleasure as my mouth suctioned at that
big, red, mushroom prick-head. His cock-knob was
velvety smooth and I rubbed my tongue all around,
making sure to lick the tender areas under the ridge.
My tongue licked in his pee-hole, licking out more
clear, creamy stuff. Wowee! Did Big Bob ever whine and
wiggle when I did that!

“Oh, fuck, baby-girl!” he yelled, pulling at my hair,
“Kiss my knob some more! Oh, fuck me gently! Woweee,
baby! And I thought your Mom could really lick a dick!”

I just love making a man happy!

Bob was my mother’s latest boyfriend and he had been
eyeing me up ever since the first night Momsy had
brought him home. And why shouldn’t he? I’ve got a lot
to eye up. I’ve got the goodies and I put them out
there for everyone’s viewing pleasure. Simply put, I am
a knock-out!

I’m Jenny. I’m 15. 5 ft. 4. 110 lbs. Probably 40 pounds
of that are tits. 36C, large, round, soft, pillowy,
creamy, tits! Big fucking nipples! They look pretty
spectacular riding above my 23 inch waist. Many a boy
has lost his head over these tits. Literally. Buried
between them, lost in creamy boob-flesh.

You see, my titties just adore love and kisses and
sucks. They love a real man, who knows how, to grab
onto them and do with them any damn thing he likes!
They sure loved it when Big Bob’s black paws grabbed
them and mauled them around! Big Bob loves to pick my
titties up high and drop them and watch them jiggle
their way back into place!

I’m lucky enough that, although my knockers are plump
and fat, they have enough firmness that I seldom bother
with a bra. So no matter what I might wear on my top,
my titties are swinging wild and free. It amuses me to
see all the guy’s eyes, from nine to ninety, following
the bouncing of my boobies when I wiggle by. Big Bob
had been no different.

Big Bob was a big, black, bull of a man. I had come
home that night to find him kissing my Mom and juggling
a booby in each big, black hand. Momsy’s creamy tit-
flesh contrasted sharply with Bob’s tough, black hands.
My dad was sitting, quietly in the corner where Bob and
my Mom had told him to sit.

My Mom’s lips seemed glued to Big Bob’s and in her hand
was the largest dick this 15-year-old had ever seen!

When he and Momsy had taken a break, after Bob’s first
cum, he had lit my cigarette for me. I leaned forward
deliberately and his eyes were down in my cleavage in a
second, just about popping out of his head!

“Like what you see, big-man?” I chuckled, “Do you think
you’d like a feel of my babies?”

I smiled over my shoulder at Bob, watching him staring
at my ass, as I went over to my Dad. “Hi guy,” I said,
taking a long drag from my cigarette and then stroking
my Dad’s hair.

“Honey-bunch, you aren’t going to let that nigger feel
you up, are you?” Dad asked, plaintively.

I just chuckled. “Not much chance of Mom letting him
loose tonight. I’ll just do my homework.”

He looked miserable, as he always did when Mom brought
one of her lover’s home. But I knew, because he was
playing with it, Dad has only a very small cock, maybe
about 5 inches, tops. Momsy had grabbed Daddy because
she liked his money, pure and simple. She had thrown a
few mind-dazzling fucks his way, early on, got him to
marry her, then took charge!

She had simply announced that Daddy’s little cock
couldn’t possible satisfy a woman like her and she was
going to get that satisfaction wherever, whenever and
from whom ever, she pleased. And she fucking well did!

Dad threatened divorce. Then he took one look at the
big, black lawyer Mom brought home and fucked in the
living room. Dad wisely decided that if he wanted
anything left of what he had worked for, he best just
keep Momsy happy.

And that isn’t so hard, is it? All he has to do is give
Momsy money when she wants it, and then, pretty much,
just stay the hell out of her way. Mommy always let
Daddy watch, and jerk his cock, while she fucked some
stud. She let Daddy tongue-clean her cooze after. So
you can’t say she was never thinking of him!

One of their early one or two fucks, when Momsy was
clouding Dad’s mind with her honey of a snapper, had
produced me!

For years, I watched Mom with her lovers. I listened to
her screams of pleasure and began to think that having
a man slip you the dick must just be the greatest
single thing that there was. I was sure determined to
find out!

When I was 10 Momsy caught me kissing with the 16-year-
old boy next door. Was Mommy angry? You tell me. She
took me and that 16-year-old to her bed, sucked and
fucked that kid ’til he couldn’t walk and instructed
me, all the while, in how to pleasure a man. I was a
super student! Come to think of it, that kid had a
bigger wang than Daddy too!

As I recall, Daddy had come home while we were all in
bed and voiced some whiny objections. Momsy had sat up,
told me to suck the kid’s cock for a while, lit a
cigarette and dialed Brad, her black lawyer. Brad came
over, threw a fuck into Momsy and then sat Daddy down
and convinced him to, as Brad put it, “Shut his fucking

I’m not 100% sure but I don’t think Daddy ever bothered
Momsy again.

But those were other nights. Tonight, Mom was out and I
had big, bad Bob to myself!

“Hang on, sweetie-pie,” Big Bob growled. “I’m going to
blow you a cum-wad!”

I am sure I would have known that without Bob telling
me! He cock got even more steely hard, the big veins
were pulsing harder, his nuts were rocking and rolling
in my hands, his knob was throbbing harder in my mouth!

And then! My tongue vibrations and his cock pulsations
meshed and with a loud, “Eat the cream, girlie!” from
Bob, here it was!

The first rocket-blast of cum nearly knocked Bob’s
prick-head out of my mouth! But I hung on, sucked,
swallowed, sucked some more. Damn! He was shooting me
both ballsful all right!

After the first gargantuan blast, Big Bob’s cum
rocketed into my mouth a little more gently. I got the
cock-knob angled perfectly so the cum would hit the
roof of my mouth and drip down to puddle on my tongue
that was busy caressing the underside of Bob’s prick!

As his blasts weakened, I amused myself and him, by
letting the cum out of my mouth back onto his cock and
watching it run down the sides. Of course, I would lick
it all up again before it got down to the root and got
his cock-hair all sticky!

I played this fun game for a while while Bob whimpered
with pleasure and played with my hair with one hand and
cuddled boob-flesh with the other. I made sure that
black pole was licked nice and clean and that his ball-
sac got lots of loving kisses, in thanks for the
delicious treat it had whipped up for me!

Then I crawled up beside Big Bob, on the couch, and lit
a cigarette.

“Where are your Mommy and Daddy?” he asked.

I smoked with one hand and tickled Big Bob’s nuts with
the other. His prick was hardening up again, nicely, so
I leaned over and gave it a nut-tingling kiss on the
knob! Bob shivered!

“Momsy should be home soon, so she said, and Dad’ll be
finished work soon.”

Big Bob roughly pulled me to him and gave me a kiss
full of spit and tongue. Mmmmmm. I liked that!

Then, with his powerful arms Big Bob picked me right
up, aimed me perfectly and sat me down on his prick! I
loved that!

Man, oh, man! The incredible feeling of my drooling
snatch stretching out to cuddle that solid chunk of
black, pussy-pleasing meat was just what this fuck-
bunny needed! I finished my cigarette as I enjoyed my
stuffed feeling in the pussy then I threw Big Bob a
fuck he won’t soon forget.

I alternated filling Bob’s mouth with either my tongue
or one of my tasty nipples. Either one was hard to
sustain because I was bouncing the full length of Big
Bob’s considerable meat-pole!

I threw my cunt at him again and again and his fuck-
pole sweetly stabbed back at me. His lap was getting
sticky-wet from my cunt-droolings. Big Bob’s cock felt
very fucking good, snugly poking around it there!

But Big Bob had other things on his mind today. He de-
cocked from my honey-hive and slung me on my belly on
the couch. His long rod was dripping with cunt-sauce
and Big Bob rubbed the knob of his cock all over my
bum-hole! His pussy-stretcher was about to become a
bum-banger! Bob lunged his hips forward and horsed that
big cock-head into my ass!

“Arrggh!” I yelled, but it was a good yell of pure
pleasure! Bob’s wiener in my ass hurt at little, at
first, but I relaxed my bum and as he horse-cocked
around in there it started to feel very, fucking good.
Bob reached around my body and shoved a bunch of
fingers in me, to be lovingly sucked at by my drippy
cooze. He strummed my clit like he was playing a guitar
and I sailed from one sugary cum to another.

Big Bob pulled his wang from my ass and presented it to
my lips. I licked that pole from root to tip, not
forgetting to give his nut-sac some good loving kisses.
Bob’s cock lurched in my mouth and soon I had another
nice mouthful of nut-cream!

I was licking around those nuts, enjoying the last of
my tasty treat, when I heard my mother’s voice.

“Hey there, Bob. Dropped a load for Jenny, did you? Got
any left for me?”

I raised my head from Bob’s sweet bag. “Hi Momsy! Big
Bob here has real tasty nut-cream, doesn’t he?”

Then I noticed Momsy had two big black men with her.
She was kissing one and the other one had shed his
clothes and was standing, staring at me and Bob, his
hand jerking his big pussy-pricker ’til it drooled!

Big Bob seemed to know this guy. “Hey, Jocko, how ya
doing? Bring that boner over here. This little cock-
hound here can really lick a dick! Show him, Jenny-

Momsy was on her knees on the carpet now, sliding her
lips up and down the big horse-cock of the other black

It was a race! Momsy and I each slurped on our rods
determined to milk the cum from our buck first. It was
pretty much a tie as my black man creamed my mouth and,
almost at the same time, the black buck mouth-fucking
Mom shot his nut-sauce into her pretty mouth. With our
mouths full of black man’s cum Momsy and I met in the
middle of the room and kissed each other, sliding our
lips all around each other’s and spitting cum back and

As we indulged ourselves in this fun activity two of
the black men came behind us and, wrapping their arms
around each of us, felt up our titties. They were able
to rub Mom’s tit-peaks against mine and the wonderful
friction of our nipples grinding together gave Momsy
and me some thrills! Mom had been still fully clothed
but the stud had simply ripped her blouse off and flung
it away. We were still kissing as he disposed of her
skirt in the same way.

Big Bob laid back on the couch and growled at Lou, the
black man grabbing Momsy’s tits, “Bring that white
bitch on over here!”

Lou picked up Momsy and carried her over to the couch.
Her eyes got big and bright as she saw the massive
boner that Bob was stroking for her. Lou dropped Momsy
on top of Big Bob and they kissed, then she maneuvered
to get titties in his mouth. While he was sucking on
her nipples, Momsy squirmed around with her hips until
her snapper was cuddling Bob’s rod and she sucked it on
up. The rest of us could hear the groans from Bob and
Momsy as the big pecker poked on up in there!

Momsy’s big ass was wriggling all over as she pleasured
Bob’s cock with her drooling snatch! This was too much
for Lou and he got himself positioned and drove his
pecker up Momsy’s arse! She squealed! “Yoweee!”

The third black man, Jocko yelled at his two buddies,
“Fucking wild! That white bitch sure loves her cock.
Pound it to her guys!”

He went over and roughly grabbed my Momsy’s hair and
pulled her lips free from Bob’s. Bob was bucking his
hips upwards cock-stabbing Momsy pretty good and Lou
was horse-cocking his big wang all around in her ass!
Jocko made it a trifecta! Once Momsy’s mouth was free
of Bob’s, he stuck his pecker in her mouth and stirred
it all around, poking out her cheeks with his cock-

I sprawled out in the armchair and pawed my own snatch.
I was super horny! “Hey, studs!” I yelled at them. “You
there, getting a suck job! I got a lonely snapper here
just itching to suck up a rod! Come on, stud! Give me a

With a growl he pulled his cock from Momsy’s mouth and
threw himself on me. He had big thick lips and I adored
sucking on them! Then he slid his lips down, paused to
suck each of my nipples and kept sliding southwards
until his those big thick lips were kissing my cunny!

He ate my drooling snatch until it squirted rivers of
girlie-cum all over his face and the sugary thrills had
me thrashing my ass all over that armchair! Then he
kissed me and let me lick my tasty juices from his

Only then did he grab his cock, aim, and cock-stab me
right to the chair! Yeah, fucking right! That big,
black buck cock-jabbed me good and proper!

Lou and Big Bob had turned Momsy into the filling for
an Oreo cookie. Her drooling cunt and fiery ass were
the creamy filling and their hard black bodies clung to
her creamy white flesh just like it was sticky icing.

Momsy was thoroughly enjoying being the filling in this
particular cock-sandwich. Her long hair was flinging
all around and her snapper was squirting out juicy
cums. Her bum was clenching around Lou’s big pecker as
he horsed it around in the tightness of her butt!

Jocko picked me up off the chair. My legs wrapped
around his muscular torso and his pussy-stabber
remained firmly lodged in my cock-pleasing cunt-
pudding! He walked me over to the couch. I squealed
with every step! Every movement fired my fun-gun as his
cock rubbed against my sensitive clitty!

He pulled his cock from my pussy and sort of dumped me
on Lou’s back who was still cock-stabbing Momsy’s
bottom! I kissed my way down Lou’s sweaty back, licked
and kissed his hairy butt and captured his big nut-bag
in my mouth. No easy trick as it was swinging to and
fro with Lou’s cock-pokes into Momsy’s bum.

Jocko took his cock, dripping with my pussy-juicings,
and stuck it in Momsy’s mouth where he proceeded to
blow off one hell of a creamy load! I could hear Momsy
gurgling and slurping as she sucked his bag-cream right
on down!

Then Lou pulled his prick from Momsy’s ass and stuck it
in my mouth and unloaded a sack-full for me to lick up.

It was goody-goody-gumdrops for me as I sucked up that
sweet nut-batter!

Momsy sat up then and pulled her snapper off Big Bob’s
cock. She and I dived on Bob’s dick-slab and loved it
up together. With our hot, wet lips we kissed up either
side of that pulsing prick! I traced the big vein on
the side with my tongue. Mom would suck his nuts while
I kissed the prick-knob and then we would swap!

Big Bob was going out of his fucking mind! “Cuddle my
nuts with your tongue, Jenny-baby!” he’d yell. “Momsy-
sweetie, make sure you lick in my piss-slot! Suck that
knob, baby! Suck that knob!”

As we bent over, with our heads in Bob’s lap, lovingly
tending to his pole, Jocko and Lou ram-jammed their
pricks up our honey-pots! Oh, what a day! My cunny was
spasming around Jocko’s cock-thrusts and dripping honey
like some cunning bee-keeper was squeezing a bee-hive!

Momsy and I wriggled at the ends of our stud’s pricks!
We kissed, with Big Bob’s pecker wedged between our
lips! Out tongues scraped over his drooling knob,
making him shiver!

It was just about then Daddy came in from work. He came
in the living room and took one look at his wife and
daughter being worked over by three black studs. He
pulled down his suit pants and started jerking his tiny

Mom and I licked up another big bag-full of Big Bob’s
creamy goodness and each took a cunnyful of cream from
Lou and Jocko. Then, we sixty-nined and cleaned each
other’s box!

Then we all relaxed on the couch. I lit a cigarette and
gave Mom a light. We smoked and played with ball-bags
and watched Dad wank his little prick until he moaned
and dribbled out a little bit of cum.

Big Bob laughed. “Don’t tell me that little, teeny bit
of baby-batter was enough to produce you, Jenny?”

I blew a lungful of smoke on his pecker and shrugged.
“I guess.”

Momsy took her head out of Jocko’s lap and said, “Hard
to believe, isn’t it. That that little dribble of cum
could produce my Jenny here.”

She looked over at Bob with his pecker in my mouth.
“But, Bobbby, dear, you should thank my husband here.
Jenny sucks a mean cock, I’m told!”

Bob nodded in agreement! “Fucking righto! Jenny-girl’s
a champ prick-licker!” Bob laughed and took his cock
from my mouth and rubbed the big head all over my lips
and down to my tit-peaks where his prick drooled pre-
cum all over my nipples.

“Jenny, dear, take Bob’s prick back in your mouth. Lick
it and kiss it and suck it and Bob, blow her another
big mouthful! But Jenny, dear, I don’t want you to
swallow it.”

Momsy had something on her mind. She turned to Daddy.
“Let go of that pathetic prick. Hold out your hands.”

Daddy, as always, did what he was told. “Now sit there
and wait.”

Momsy came over and rubbed my hair and played with
Bob’s nut-sac until he grunted and groaned and filled
my mouth. Man! Did he ever fill it!

“O.K. Jenny, give Bob’s cum-load to your father. Drop
it right in his hands.”

Sounded kinky. I drooled Bob’s sack-full of cum right
into Daddy’s hands.

“Now, hubby-dear,” Momsy told him, “lick it all up.
Pretend you are just getting it from my snatch.”

Big Bob and Jocko and Lou laughed their heads off at
the sight of my Dad licking the cum from his hands.

“Come on,” Bob said. “Let’s give these honeys each
another cunt-full for him to lick up. Jocko, you pick
one and give her a mouthful or a bum-full while I fill
her cooze up! Lou, you cream a hole in the other one!”

Daddy looked a little glum as he licked his hands and
played with his dink.

Momsy and I kissed our studs and looked forward to more


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